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About Collin Green

Collin’s initial passion for training started and continued to grow while he played sports through high school and college. During his own college stint, through a few internships, he developed a training program for both the local police and fire departments, worked with senior citizens at the Montevallo Athletic Center, and worked with Hand in Hand Early Learning Program helping children with physical disabilities improve their motor development.  All these varied experiences let Collin know that he was passionate about more than just sports training.
After graduating from the University of Montevallo with a B.S. in Kinesiology, Collin began personal training as a career in Birmingham, AL. In addition to being a successful certified trainer at a local gym, he also took on projects like creating  corporate training programs for several businesses.
After seeing a transition in the fitness industry from caring about the individual and their results to focusing on locking people into long-term contracts and  offering cookie-cutter, generalized programs, Collin knew he wanted to bring focus back to the individualized structure that he is passionate about. He moved to Pensacola, FL and opened his own fitness studio in the downtown area.
When he got a call from a company looking for help with a couple gyms in North Carolina, he moved to Raleigh for a brief time. There, he revamped the training program and overall operations for two large gyms.
Since 2017, Collin has been back to helping people reach their fitness goals in the greater Pensacola area. He currently sees clients at Chip’s 24-Hour Health & Racquet Club in Gulf Breeze and World Gym in Pensacola.
Collin says, “I get excited about results. It all started with a passion for training athletes and sports specific training, and that has transformed into a true desire to help all types of client meet their specific goals. Seeing the pride my clients have when they achieve a fitness target is the reason I love going to work every day!”

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